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The real time machine

esplore the past of the exact place where you are.
Freely look around as you would with a classic binocular.
Zoom in and out to get any detail.
Get stimulating historical and touristic informations.
Shoot pictures and send them as postcards/emails/Cellphone messages.
Insert people you like in the historical environment.
Extremely easy to use and operate.
Educational and fun.

seen for the first time at DNA Italia, the cultural heritage italian fair, the TIME MACHINE VISOR has been an immediate success.
The ability to explore history from teh very point where the user stands has triggered the surprise of eveybody, the friendly look similar to that of the family movies robots was loved by children and the fun and ease of use have been the key to the huge success of the product.

Rome 320AD
video showing the exploration of Rome in 320AD, near the Colosseum.

Rome 64AD
video showing the exploration of Rome in 64AD, inside the Domus Aurea of emperor Nero.

Sample usage
video showing the usage of the TIME MACHINE VISOR by a visitor at the last installation.

Visors photo gallery
a collection of pictures of the TIME MACHINE VISORS and people using them

Software photo gallery
a collection of pictures of the many wonders users cna see inside the visors

3D environments
an explanation of the UltraPeg technology, used to create realtime 3D environments with unprecedented speed and cost-effectiveness

Happy children
pictures of children playing with the visors, having fun and learning with their families

Newspapers and magazines that thalk about the TIME MACHINE VISOR
Virtual binocular binocular Time Machine Visor 3D realtime history reconstructions time machine time travels tourism touristic eucational fun explore the past visor heritage support system ancient Rome Roma antica ricostruzione virtuale Colosseum Arch of Constantine Temple, Venus and Rome Nero colossal statue. Tempio educativo divertente scuola giovani progetti Venere e Roma Colosseo Nerone Meta sudans. fountain Elagabalium technology software documentary culture graphics software warfare management data instruction civil museum weapon virtual touristic informations educational fun 3D virtual worlds

(c) Ultramundum Foundation

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