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The real time machine

esplore the past of the exact place where you are.
Freely look around as you would with a classic binocular.
Zoom in and out to get any detail.
Get stimulating historical and touristic informations.
Shoot pictures and send them as postcards/emails/Cellphone messages.
Insert people you like in the historical environment.
Extremely easy to use and operate.
Educational and fun.

3D realtime environments
the amazing reconstructions of the past shown by the TIME MACHINE VISOR are made with a revolutionary new technology, called UltraPeg.
Created by the Ultramundum Foundation, this technology can generate extremely complex and highly-detailed planetary-scale models explorable down to the street level.
Automatic details generators can build up many of the models needed (for instance boardwalks, trees, buildings) without human intervention. In this way, the creation of the contents shown by the visor is both fast and low-cost
The Visor hardware is only a part of the price to pay to get the amazing result of looking back in time: the creation of the interactive 3D models has been a ral problem until today.
Thanks to UltraPeg technology, the automatic recreation of large-scale (even planetary-scale) environments can start from the simple cartogrphic or iconographic data available and reach the results shown here fro Rome in 320AD.

the site of the organization that created and distributes the UltraPort software, the 'explorating system' of the TIME MACHINE VISORs

Virtual cities: Turin
a paper depicting the automatic creation of entire cities from standard cartographic databases, the case of the olympic Turin 2006

Virtual cities: Rome
the recreation of contemporary Rome, a 500,000 buildings city with 30 high details monumental areas, how it has been done and what the results are.

the project of creating the entire Earth in 3D in time, explore the extend of the whole dream

a paper about the new technology at the heart of the TIME MACHINE VISORs' software

(c) Ultramundum Foundation
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