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The real time machine

esplore the past of the exact place where you are.
Freely look around as you would with a classic binocular.
Zoom in and out to get any detail.
Get stimulating historical and touristic informations.
Shoot pictures and send them as postcards/emails/Cellphone messages.
Insert people you like in the historical environment.
Extremely easy to use and operate.
Educational and fun.

Visors - TMV 1000 model
images of the entry-level model, battery-powered with foldable head: even for single-man each-day install and remove non-permanent sites

TMV 1000 technical specifications
height: 165cm/82 cm (folded)
length: 73cm/117 cm  (folded)
width: 54cm
weight: 36Kg
internal voltage: 12V
power consumption: 20/40W
power sources:
internal battery: 12h continuous use
exteran AC mains: 110/240V
free or pay-per-use:
coins reader with 4 channels
banknotes reader with 4 channels
low voltage safe device
CE compliant
Management software with install wizard and full accountability

(c) Ultramundum Foundation
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