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Mars, the red planet.

Countless missions, the legend of bad luck, a fascinating dead world where once perhaps life evolved.

True virtual reconstructions of Mars are not available, only pictures, some of them sthereoscopical.

The Foundation plans to create the three-dimensional model of the entire planet, allowing for descent to ground level. You will not find there pictures taken by the probes, obviously too much enlarged, but a realistic reconstruction produced by the automatic detail generating Tabulae.

For the portions of the surface where pictures are available, the model will be precise down to each single stone. For the other parts altimetric data will be used along pictures taken from the orbit to guide the automatic detail generators.

Everybody will be able to be a virtual astronaut on Mars, visiting all the important places and being carried or guided to the interesting site, like those where the various probes are.

We will be able to visit the Pathfinder, positioned into the exact place where it stopped, drive or be carried around along their true path by the probes Spirit and Opportunity, find the places where the Vikings are.

We will be able to explore on our own the most secret areas, for instance the famous face positioned in Cydonia.

A first demo video has been produced with a trip starting from Earth and descending on Mars, ending to the place where the Pahfinder stopped; some pictures of it are visible here.

The Foundation is in the project definition phase, so any collaboration is welcome:


  • sponsors,
  • contacts with space agencies,
  • probes models,
  • missiles models,
  • technical data,
  • researches,
  • coding and programming.

Each contribution will be remembered forever in any communication and directly into the model, in a specific box that will open when any user approaches the element.

If you ever wanted to be an astronaut, this is your opportunity!


Immagine Marte virtuale

Immagine Marte virtuale

Immagine Marte virtuale

Immagine Marte virtuale