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July 21 1969 Neil Armstrong said: "A small step for a man, a giant leap for mankind".

On our planet the sixties where ending, the landing on the Moon was their happy end. The Foundation plans to create the virtual reconstruction of the epic Apollo project.

From Saturn V to the LEM, from the Apollo 11 mission to the Lunar rover, the three-dimensional freely explorable model of the Moon, with the models of all the probes that landed there.

We will be able to find or be carried to any important place, to see the Apollo 11 landing moment and the first step of a man on another planet, being side by side with the astronauts or being one of them.

An exciting reconstruction of an age and a project really historical for the progress of mankind.

Virtual reconstructions of the Apollo project are not available, nor are those of the important place on the Moon, we only have low-quality pictures and videos. It is time an event so important for all mankind is given the attention it deserves.

The Foundation is in the advanced project production phase, but any collaboration is still welcome:

  • sponsors,
  • contacts with space agencies,
  • probes models,
  • missiles models,
  • technical data,
  • researches,
  • musics of the sixties reinvented,
  • coding and programming.

Each contribution will be remembered forever in any communication and directly into the model, in a specific box that will open when any user approaches the element.

If you were not in the original project but ever wanted to be, this time there is a place for you!


Tycho crater

a small step for a man...

Apollo11 descent